Topeka’s only multidisciplinary practice treating musculoskeletal problems of the Back, Neck, Arms, and Legs.

"I have known about the Center for Manual Medicine for many years. Dr. Frye is so educated when it comes to pain in your body. By just a few movements and touch he is able to always determine the core of my pain. Just last week I went to see him because of my left leg and the severe pain I was experiencing. He immediately found the cause, gave me cortisone shots by using a sonogram type machine to guide his way, and I have been pain free since. I am now working with his therapists to make sure that I correct what caused the pain in the beginning. I have so much faith in this office and staff."

- Phyllis E. Lansford

Our Chiropractic Treatment Advantage

We combine manipulation and traditional medical treatments.

Rehabilitation to improve posture and key movement patterns completes each manual treatment.

Same or next day appointments.

Evaluation and treatment plans will be sent for your doctor to review.

Our treatment method helps prevent surgery and expensive procedures.

We empower patients and emphasize their role in recovery.

We identify problem causes early and act as a central point of communication with other healthcare professionals

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