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Physical Therapy Center in Topeka, Manhattan & Lawrence, KS

The Center For Manual Medicine is the premier location for Physical Therapy in Northeast Kansas. We are very proud to have 2 of only 12 Fellowship Trained Physical Therapists in the whole state of Kansas. Matt Elniff, PT, FAAOMPT, and Tracie Nolan, PT, FAAOMPT have done extensive training in orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation. This isl a prestigious accomplishment that only a very small percentage of Physical Therapists accomplish due to the intensive time restraints. A Fellow must first complete a residency program consisting of a minimum of 1500 hours within 3 years. After the completion of the residency a clinical Fellowship starts with a minimum of 1000 hours training under a Fellowship trained PT. Matt and Tracie both accomplished this amazing feat, and bring their expertise right here to Topeka Kansas. To learn more about Matt and Tracie’s training go to

"The Physical Therapists were friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and kept a timely schedule.  I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Frye and his support team to anyone."

-Linda S.

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The Center for Manual Medicine is a chiropractic and physical therapy center using a multi-disciplinary approach to help patients recover from pain resulting from musculoskeletal problems. Our medical doctor, chiropractors and physical therapists provide manual medicine and physical therapy for our patients in Topeka and neighboring communities.


Physical therapy is a form of manual medicine that is used alongside other treatments at The Center to help treat a broad range of injuries and conditions. Combining treatments has been shown to offer a higher success rate than single treatments used alone. For example, manual medicine may be used to loosen restricted joints for better results from physiotherapy. Similarly, physical therapy after an injection can effectively treat the underlying cause of the patient pain and facilitate rehabilitation.


Our highly-trained physical therapists and physical therapy assistants provide pre-surgical physical therapy and post-surgical physical therapy to expedite healing after a surgical procedure. In addition, we offer physical therapy for back, neck and other extremity problems to reduce pain and treat a variety of injuries and conditions.


All physical therapies and other treatments are individualized for the unique needs of each patient. Additionally, we can help you continue to promote healing at home with exercise instruction to address your specific concerns. Please browse our website to read more about the services provided for patients in Topeka  and neighboring areas and contact The Center at (785) 271-8100 to schedule an appointment.


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