Regenerative Orthopedics

Adipose Tissue Transfer Procedures

What is Regenerative Medicine?

ADRC:  Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRC) is an exciting new treatment that utilizes cells from your adipose tissue (fat) to help stimulate healing in your body.   Your body fat carries a large number of these cells that are easily accessible with liposuction.  The Adipose tissue harvested has the ability to provide structural and mechanical support, as well as cushioning and lubrication for the joint.

BMAC: Bone Marrow is another source that is rich in cells that can help repair, regenerate, and heal tissue as well.  When bone marrow is harvested it is called BMAC, or Bone Marrow Aspirate Cells.

All of our Regenerative injections are given under direct ultrasound guidance.  We first numb the skin, then using Ultrasound, we guide the needle to the precise location and inject.  The ultrasound guidance insures both accurate and safe injections.

The entire process takes about 3 hours and is minimally uncomfortable.


Platelet Rich Plasma:

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), a form of Regenerative Medicine, is an exciting new area of medicine utilizing your body’s own Platelets (a component of your blood) to help heal the underlying cause of your pain or dysfunction, and not just mask it. The process of PRP therapy is to collect blood, separate the platelets, extract the platelet-rich plasma, and inject the injured area with PRP.

The Mayo Clinic says regenerative medicine is a game-changing area of medicine with the potential to fully heal damaged tissues and organs, offering solutions and hope for people who have conditions that today are beyond repair.

Regeneration involves delivering specific types of cells or cell products to diseased tissues or organs, where they will ultimately restore tissue and organ function. This can be done through cell-based therapy or by using cell products, such as growth factors.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment areas include elbow, wrist, hand, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder injuries, and back and hip injuries.


Process of PRP