Patient Testimonials

The staff at The Center for Manual Medicine and Regenerative Orthopedics wants to improve your health and relieve your pain. Nothing makes us happier. We love to hear your testimonials. It lets us know we are doing our jobs well.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone at your office and make sure you saw this. I am not far along my treatment plan but, I am still very excited and grateful that I found The Center for Manual Medicine.

I am absolutely blown away at the level of care that I have experienced here and I have so many things I could say. In May of this year, I had a sudden onset of the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life in my shoulder and neck on one side. After months of trying everything else I could think of, including seeing an orthopedic specialist, who immediately recommended surgery without proper cause, I finally found this practice.

During my first visit with Dr. Frye, he did an ultrasound of my shoulder, in which I almost passed out 3 times during. That was a doozy, and apparently the first time that’s ever happened to them! Josh and Dr. Frye took great care of me that day and Dr. Frye took that as a very serious happening. He Proceeded to call my primary care doctor directly that same day. This shocked my primary care doctor because apparently doctors don’t normally call other doctors directly, and my primary care Doctor called Dr. Frye back on his day off because Dr. Frye made a point to indicate how serious of a matter this could be. Dr. Frye also made several direct calls to me to check-in during this time which, again shows me the level of care that he has for the people that he is helping. He then recommended that I start seeing the Tamra, the Occupational Therapist in the practice.Upon my first visit with Tamra I knew that I was being taken care of by someone who truly cares and has a combination of experience and expert level problem solving skills. She took all the time that she needed to get my full history and do the most in depth exam that anyone in the world of OT/PT has done of me since this happened. It only took one visit for her to find the cause of my issues. Which happens to be a seemingly major muscle imbalance that is causing my shoulder blade to not sit in the correct position. Which is causing severe chronic pain in my shoulder, pinching a tendon in my shoulder, and also causing sever chronic pain and tension in my neck. AKA, I have had the worst posture for years probably and have never used some of these muscles in my life.I was absolutely shocked that she took the time to put on her problem solving hat for me and took all the time that she needed that day to get a good idea of how my body was working. It shows me that she truly cares about what she does and her goal is to find a way to help people feel better. We are not done with treatment, and I only happen to be in the very early stages of my treatment however, I have no doubts that Tamra along with anyone else that I may have care with in this practice, will continue to help me get back to a mobile and healthy life.At this point we are 4 full therapy appointments in and I am already feeling so much better emotionally, mentally, and physically. The edge has been taken off at this time, which seems like a big deal to me because it’s been 5 months of constant extreme chronic pain and nothing else has helped bring the pain level down nor help with my extreme depression and lack of zeal for life.Not only has Tamra been addressing the muscular imbalance and helping with that, she has also been giving me general advice on some other things that I can do to help myself start feeling better. And while telling someone they need to make sure to drink at least half their body weight in ounces of water each day is a seemingly small thing, it’s something no one has ever told me in my 30 years of living. She even suggested getting a bottle big enough to hold all that water for the day, which I have done and it has been an absolute life changer for me in the few days that I have been using it. It is just an example of how the people that are offering their care in this practice are more than just experts in their field, they are truly caring and kind and want to ensure that they are sharing their knowledge and trying to help in any way they know how to.I cannot say enough good things about the people that are caring for our community through this practice, and my experience here. I am beyond thrilled that I have found a group of people that truly want to take care of the people around them, and will go to great lengths to help me and my community regain and maintain good health. I could not be more excited to continue care here!

– Mirina

The Center for Manual Medicine is a wonderful place to go for your pain issues.  At the Center for Manual Medicine, Dr. Doug Frye and his staff are the very best for teaching strengthening and stretching exercises to relieve & prevent pain. My lower back was hurting daily. After a few treatments & daily exercises at home, I no longer have lower back pain that lasts. If my pain returns, I do 3 simple strengthening exercises I was shown in Physical Therapy at The Center & I’m good to go without pain medication.

In 2017 I was age 75 and still hiking in the mountains. One week I did the same short, but difficult & challenging hike every other day for a total of 3 hikes. On the 3rd hike, I did not feel well. There was no pain, but the next morning I woke up with excruciating pain in my left knee. I had torn my meniscus. A few months later, I had arthroscopic surgery by an orthopedic surgeon.  There was no immediate relief. After several weeks of following the doctor’s orders faithfully the pain behind my knee was a little better. My knee continued to hurt & I was not able to walk without pain. My hiking days were over. I settled for cortisone injections every 4 months which sometimes helped. I tried another kind of injection as well.

Finally, I agreed to try Platelet Rich Plasma injections into my knee. In March of 2022, I received many injections into my knee by Dr. Doug Frye. He gave me this PRP treatment, with plasma from my own blood, on March 1st, March 15th, and on March 31st. A total of 3 sessions two weeks apart. Between treatments for the first week, I completely stayed off of my legs. I found that using a wheelchair worked best & enabled me to move around the house in comfort. I used crutches for very short distances. The 2nd week I was permitted to slowly start walking short distances around the house. Then I did the process all over again.  I took it easy for a month after that and gradually built up my strength by faithfully doing the daily exercises and not overdoing any activity. It took 3 months to realize quite a lot of improvement in my capabilities. After 6 months I was much better. Now, after exactly one year, I rarely take any pain medication. I recently enjoyed a month in Maui, Hawaii, and a 2-week cruise to New Zealand. During the cruise, I walked from one end of the cruise ship to the other several times a day. I also went on excursions from the ship at every port in New Zealand. I was very active and my knee was fairly pain-free.  It hurt a little at the end of the day on some days. I took one Aleve pain pill every morning just so I could be completely pain-free to enjoy the excursions. After the cruise, I have taken no pain medication for 2 weeks and do not have any pain in my knees or lower back. I continue to do the prescribed exercises that I received at The Center for Manual Medicine.

It was definitely worth being patient for one year & following Dr. Doug Frye’s recommendations faithfully. I highly recommend Dr. Frye and the Platelet Rich Plasma injections (PRP) I am 80 years young as of February 2023!!! Last week, I raked leaves out of 4 large flowerbeds and I have remained pain-free since doing that.

– Ginger H. (Topeka, Kansas)

April 10, 2023

Just about one year ago Sophia was suffering from chronic Achilles pain-this was making it very difficult for her to dance, even just walking, running, and jumping-the things kids do normally every day, were causing her pain.  She first tried rest, along with some physical therapy and nerve block shots weekly. That was to no avail, unfortunately.

It was determined that she had several minor tears in both her tendons and her options were limited-she could quit dancing OR she could try regenerative medicine.  Quitting was NEVER an option for her.  Sophia was determined to do whatever it took to dance again.

The day after her spring recital she hung up her pointe shoes and got to work.

We had an appointment at The Center for Regenerative Medicine for Sophia to receive PRP and PPP injections.  This is a process where they take your own blood, spin it to separate your red blood cells and plasma and inject that directly back into the injury.  Over all Sophia had 90some injections that day.  And she was sent home to rest for several weeks.  That meant no running, jumping, hiking, and specifically NO DANCING.  She then began rigorous physical therapy 3 days a week for 3 months.  With each week she found she had less and less pain.

After 3 months Sophia leaped back into ballet-literally.  I was so nervous to say the least, expecting her chronic pain to return-each class I worried I’d get a call that she was in pain again.  That call never came. Sophia was back to 6 days a week, several hours a day of doing what she loves the most in this world-DANCING!!  She’s had an amazing year, performing in The Nutcracker, competing at the Youth Grande Prix in Kansas City, The Regional Dance Association Festival in Lawrence, and coming up on her one-year anniversary of her procedure-she will have her ballet school’s yearly recital.

We are so grateful to Dr. Frye, and the PT staff at The Center for Regenerative Medicine, for all you did to help our dancer get back on her feet.  Because quitting was never an option.

Thank you!!

– Lesley H.

  • Your office as a whole, and your office staff, are very efficiently operated.
  • The staff is very professional and always ready to help you whenever you need it! And informative too! I can’t say enough good things about it!
  • Penn and Dr. Frye are the very best ever!
  • The therapists are very helpful. My Physical Therapy assistants, Dan and Matt.
  • My treatment/journey to recovery:


I had a pinched nerve, sciatic nerve, and sciatica back pain, radiating pains down the back and front of my legs, lower back, and buttocks making it uncomfortable to sit, and sleep, and sometimes I couldn’t even walk, yes, it stopped me in my tracks! It begins at the base of the spinal cord as a number of roots and passes through the pelvis, down the back of each thigh to the heel.

I saw Dr. Penn on April 23, 2019, and on April 25, Dr. Penn and Dr. Frye said some Physical Therapy would do me some good. I started Physical Therapy from May 1 to May 30. SOOOOO, a big thank you to special you!

Dr. Penn, Dr. Frye, Matt and Dan, and all the staff for taking the time and patience with me! Their Treatments allowed me to get back my confidence and resorted my body to good health again.

The perseverance of Dan and Matt. And myself, working on the exercises they gave me, and I am still doing them, sure did the trick.

I am doing my mowing, yard work in moderation, and walking just fine.

Thank you again for being special you!

I wouldn’t even consider going anyplace but to the Center for Manual Medicine and Regenerative Orthopedics. Why would I; because they are the best!

– JoAnn H.


“Wow, where do I begin?  The team at the Center For Manual Medicine is literally giving me my life back.  If you are suffering from pain, feel like you’ve tried everything, and have given up hope that you can EVER feel good again – you need to stop reading this and call Seth at the Center for Manual Medicine.  He will listen to what you’ve got going on and let you know if they can help you.

I was in a car accident and had seen a slew of professionals to try to somewhat manage the pain.  (and by “slew” I mean: my primary care doctor, 2 different chiropractors, an acupuncturist, 2 different massage therapists, 3 different physical therapy departments, a neurologist, a neurosurgeon, a pain management specialist, and 2 different regenerative medicine doctors.)  I was doing physical therapy 5 days a week (in an office – not at home) and was progressively getting worse.  I kept being told that soft tissue injuries take time to heal and I’d be looking at 18-24 more months of this.  WHAT?  Two more years of my life suffering?  I was not on board.  Thankfully, my husband heard an ad on WIBW and told me I should google “Adipose tissue transfer treatment in Topeka, Ks” because he’d heard an ad but couldn’t remember the doctor’s name.

This was June 2017.  At that point, I’d seen my slew of doctors and been doing 5 days a week physical therapy for over a year.  I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, was only able to sit or stand for a few minutes before the pain got the best of me, couldn’t walk a half block, had burning/shooting pain in my back and legs, and numbness in one of my arms and legs….I had just turned 40 and moved worse than a 90-year-old.  I stopped doing anything socially due to the pain, my work was severely limited… a good thing I work from home and have flexibility.  I would have been fired from a traditional job.  I had been told over and over again that I just needed to be patient, it was going to take a long time to heal.  I had really given up hope that my future could be any different than my current circumstance.  Good thing I wasn’t willing to accept that and kept pushing for answers.

On my first call to CFMM, I was connected to Seth.  He spent about 30 minutes on the phone with me that day listening to my story, hearing my issues, and then letting me know that he thought they could help me.  I scheduled the first available and headed to Topeka to meet with Dr. Frye.  I was met with kind, caring, professional office staff and a Dr who took 3 hours to physically assess me.  I was there to see about Adipose tissue transfer but he told me I had structural issues that needed to be resolved and that he’d like me to see one of his therapists that specializes in nerve trauma.  To say I wasn’t excited about this would be an understatement. (I’d already been seeing therapists in 3 different offices, 5 days a week – I didn’t want ANOTHER PT.)  However, because of his demeanor, thoroughness, and obvious knowledge, he’d gained my trust.  I headed upstairs to see Matt.  Matt immediately identified that my pelvis and pubic joint were out.  By the time I got up from his table, I was able to stand up almost straight and walk down the hall without my legs wanting to give out on me.  I was a believer.  We scheduled therapy 2 days a week for 8 weeks, to begin with.  This may not sound like a lot but I don’t just live around the corner, Topeka is a 4 hour round trip for me.  Matt has continued to adjust my care plan as I’ve progressed.  I’m now able to do 95% of my therapy from home and have check-in appointments to track my progress and update my exercises.

Last July I was expressing my frustration at still not being able to ride (prior to my accident I trained and showed Quarter Horses – horses are a HUGE part of my life) for more than a few minutes at a walk.  Matt recommended I visit with Dr. Frye about PRP.  Dr. Frye thought PRP would be a huge help to me at this point so in August of 2018 I got my first treatment.  I have to say, the actual procedure is less than delightful but very effective.  I had been relying on sleeping pills to get a few hours of sleep at night.  About 3 weeks after my 1st treatment I was able to get off the sleeping pills and get some sleep naturally.  I also noticed that my pain level had drastically decreased.  Prior to PRP cold, damp days or stormy weather brought on severe, debilitating pain.  Now, I still ache but it isn’t what I would classify as pain.  At my 3 months check-up we decided to do another round of PRP (I’m not a real patient person).  That treatment was in December and it is now January so I am still healing.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

The team at CFMM has your best interests at heart.  If they can’t help your particular situation, they’ll be upfront and honest about it.  (I know this for a fact because I’ve referred a couple of friends that were told their particular issue wasn’t something they would be able to help.)  And, if you are one of their patients, they’ll move mountains to help you.  I can’t ever thank them enough for what they are doing for me.  Give them a call.”

– Rebecca F.

“Office staff is very pleasant, polite, and positive. Matt is by far the best Physical Therapist I have ever had. I have been using Physical Therapy on and off since 1994 when I began with Dr. Frye. Dr. Frye has also been very helpful in treating my pain. The Center For Manual Medicine is a good place to come for Physical Therapy!”

– Jim S.

“Very friendly office! Vertigo was instant relief. Exercise has done wonders for my legs and strength in my hips. Tracie has helped with my results with vertigo and all my leg and back symptoms. I can now work in my garden and yard without pain.”

– Marietta C.

“I want you to know that getting the PRP injections in your office is one of the best investments I have made in my health for years.
You may recall I had you perform PRP injections in both of my knees just before my college graduation. Following these injections, I was allowed to participate in my commencement exercises at age 50, without the knee pain I had been suffering for years.

I am now not only able to walk a greater distance but also I am also able to successfully do more exercises to strengthen my body and lose/control my weight. Thanks to relief from the PRP injections I even participated in the 2nd Annual Tower Run by quickly walking up all 16 flights of stairs in pretty good time.

After recognizing great gains in my knees I then got a PRP injection in my shoulder to heal a rotator cuff tear that had gone untreated for about 5 years. It has taken some time but my tear is nearly healed now, and without surgery!!!

Although I am not a fan of needles I love what the PRP injections have done for me. I highly recommend PRP injections for anyone wanting non-surgical relief from the pain of aging joints and tears. I appreciate all you and your staff have done for me.”

When Ann and I moved her from southern California to Topeka we did not expect to find health care that exceeded what we had in San Diego. But The Center for Manual Medicine exceeds any such medical care we had before. Dr. Frye and the DCs and PTs are of the highest in professionalism and medical care. They have a holistic approach so often lacking on standard medical care.”

– Vann and Ann A

“I came in for shoulder pain. Tracie took care of me most of the time. The entire experience was positive. Exercises were provided with increased difficulty. If an exercise was painful, Tracie backed off and reintroduced the exercise later. She was very patient and demonstrated how to do each exercise. The pictures and printouts were helpful also. It took only 8 sessions to see a marked improvement. I now have a nearly normal range of motion and am basically pain-free. I am more confident and can do YOGA again, which I haven’t been able to for two years! The entire staff was friendly.”

– Deena R.

I have been to multiple health care providers not only in Topeka, Kansas but in Texas as well. None of my previous providers helped me like The Center for Manual Medicine. I’ve had a long road of recovery since my illness and The Center for Manual Medicine has certainly helped me recover, regain, and stay positive. I which I would have come here sooner. The staff and Doctors are not only great to work with, but empathetic. I don’t believe I would be better if it weren’t for The Center For Manual Medicine. I’m looking forward to a continued relationship with them as they helped me reach my goals.

– Mary T.

I wanted to be sure that I took advantage of being able to commend the Center for Manual Medicine. I’ve gone there for over 4 years, and was plagued with chronic headaches and hip/back problems. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They remember your name and look genuinely pleased to see you. I would recommend The Center for Manual Medicine any day of the week. Thank you for helping me live more pain-free!

– Donna W.

“After visiting many different doctors without finding relief from a chronic pain problem, I heard about Dr. Douglas Frye, MD. I was at the point of giving up and accepting my limitations when I made my first appointment with Dr. Frye. I decided to try just one more doctor, even though I had been to several doctors for the same problem without a good diagnosis or relief.

Dr. Frye took the time to fully examine and diagnose my condition and didn’t stop there. He set forth a treatment plan with his office and contacted other specialists when there was a need for additional testing. Unlike other doctors, Dr. Frye promptly requested the results of all testing for his review and consideration, contacted me to discuss the results, and adjusted my treatment plan accordingly. I felt as if Dr. Frye was leading my team of specialists, and he was truly helping me find an answer – finally. He took my problem as a challenge and didn’t just pass me on to the next doctor. That, along with his excellent ‘bedside manner’, helps make me very comfortable explaining concerns to him. Even though my condition is a difficult one, he didn’t just offer pills or Band-Aid approaches to my problem. He stuck with me, leading the team of specialists and physical therapists he assembled until we were able to begin healing my condition.

The physical therapy department at the Center for Manual Medicine is the most impressive I have ever seen. They not only have all of the equipment they could possibly need, but Dr. Frye has assembled a team of Physical Therapists who are exceptional at their jobs. They were obviously very well trained, patient and thorough, making sure that I knew what exercises to do between appointments to help with the progress of healing. They are very good at fully explaining not only what exercises to do, but why I should do them, and how they help. That was more helpful for me than someone just saying to just do one exercise or another.

I feel quite passionate about recommending Dr. Frye and his team of professionals for what they do, how they do it, and how patient they have been with me. I would strongly recommend Dr. Frye if you have a painful condition that is diminishing your quality of life. “

Life is too short to waste any of it dealing with pain! Call Dr. Frye!

– Nida I.

“I was referred to Dr. Doug Frye at the Center For Manual Medicine by Dr. Wade Welch due to my numerous physical needs. I have had back surgery twice and have hurt my shoulder (or so I thought). After X-rays were ordered found out it was just Cousin Arthur (Arthritis) and cousin bursitis. But being a heavy busted person exasperated the problems and made the pain worse. So Dr. Frye then suggested breast reduction and was completed.

Then he injected my shoulder which was great but only lasted a month or two. So I took therapy for my back and neck which had constant pain thru much manipulative therapy and exercise the pain then subsided. I was near euphoric due to the lack of pain which I had for years. Dr. Frye injected the shoulder again and also did Trigger points. The pain is now gone and I can lift my arm with no pain. Then my knees started acting up with arthritis which made it difficult to go up even 3 stairs. So he then injected and ordered a brace to help me, even got me a cane to help with stability. My left knee then started causing me problems and of course, I let him inject it, and again the pain was gone. But unfortunately, I had a couple of falls I had called my Primary Physician and had an MRI done on my head and there were no problems. So the next step was back to therapy for balance exercise and completed and have no pain.

I owe all this to the Center for Manual Medicine and the expertise of Dr. Frye in following thru on all my medical needs. Dr. Frye is an expert in his field and if I ever need any further medical needs I will not hesitate to take them to Dr. Frye and his staff. He is a caring physician and I know he will take care of all your physical needs until he has won the battle and you are well again. His staff is very sweet and caring and works diligently to make your time in their office as pleasant and productive as possible! “

– Helen W.

“I have a significant past medical and surgical history of back pain. I had 3 surgeries in the past including one fusion. My recent episode of back pain ended up being managed by Matt Elniff. I’ve had many Physical Therapy sessions in the past, but Matt was the best Physical Therapist I’ve ever experienced. In the beginning, his manual therapy and massage made me feel some relief from my pain. He started with very, very basic exercises and tried to teach me the basic anatomy and physiology of the core muscles. I’ve noticed he treats each patient differently based on his/her body and ability. Gradually he increased the intensity and frequency of exercise. He taught me how to make my core muscles stronger yet not hurt them, and how to have these muscles under control.

I am very happy with my Therapy and what Matt did. Being a health care provider encourages me, even more, to recommend him to whoever has back pain, especially if it is a complicated problem like I had. Thank you Matt for all you have done for me.”

– Saeedeh S.

“I want to thank everyone at The Center For Manual Medicine in Topeka Kansas for the care I received from them.

I was always greeted with respect and when I explained my injury to them… They Listened; they understood and knew what needed to be done.

In late May of 2014, I took a fall backward in the Kitchen and caught my left elbow on the kitchen counter. It tore a tendon loose on my Rotator Cuff and stretched the muscles aro0und the front of the Cuff, across my shoulder blade, and into my neck making the arm nearly useless.

After seeing my family doctor and going thru therapy at a different treatment center (where they did not listen). I went back to my doctor and politely informed him of my dissatisfaction. He referred me to The Center For Manual Medicine. There I was greeted by a pleasant and friendly staff every time I went in for a treatment.

After my second treatment from the staff Chiropractors and Physical Therapists, I felt 110% better than at any time before I went there.

The Center For Manual Medicine is the only place I will go for Physical Therapy or Chiropractic adjustments. There is always an MD at the office should a person need medical attention, That’s good to know.

If you have a need for Physical therapy make sure to see the Professional Staff at The Center For Manual Medicine in Topeka, KS, or give them a call.

Thank all of you for your professional services and care.”

Sam C.

I have suffered from knee pain for 8 years. I gave up more and more every year. Cortisone stopped working for me. I had 2 rounds of joint juice that had no effect at all on me. Two different doctors said I was not a candidate for replacement knee surgery. Then another medical issue came up and I could not take N-SAIDS for the pain anymore. Dr. Frye was my last hope. We decided on PRP for both knees. I couldn’t believe the difference the very next day! I knew I had started walking incorrectly over the last 8 years. When I started to be able to walk correctly, I found muscles I forgot I had. With Tracie’s guidance, I am going downstairs to do laundry, take mile walks every day, and back to working in the pasture. Thanks to Dr. Frye and his team, I’m back to getting my life back, and look forward to getting better every week.

-Peggy C.

“I came for neck pain. The initial referral was for Osteopathic Adjustments since a previous attempt at Physical Therapy had not proved effective. Dr. Frye’s adjustments had only modest success. He then made a referral to the Physical Therapy service at The Center for Manual Medicine. Dr. Frye was able to describe what had seemed helpful and what had not. This feedback gave Matt some indications as to a direction to pursue. Good teamwork yielded good results.

Matt did an evaluation as well. In doing this he listened to my feedback about what was effective and what was not. This interactive process resulted in a very effective and efficient treatment process. This had great benefit for my neck pain which had previously been difficult to diagnose and treat. What was effective and different from my experience with other places was the Teamwork and the individual assessment and treatment plan. Other places had a cookie-cutter approach to treatment which did not address the complexity of the pain I was experiencing. “

– Les L.

“The Center for Manual Medicine has been a learning experience. The Office Staff made me feel welcome, were cordial, and greeted me with a smile and “Hello, how are you today.” They made me feel like someone really cared. Matt and Dan taught me about posture and exercise to keep my body functioning properly. Dr. Frye was very quick to find the problems with my arms, neck, and back. His patience and good judgment on how and why my body reacted to certain movements were causing the difficulties. He knew how to evaluate my muscle and joint problems. He taught me the more I understand about my troubles the more control I will have over my body, and be able to get it back on track. I am also thanking my primary care physician, Dr. James Barnett, for recommending The Center for Manual Medicine to handle all my problems.

I like Dr. Frye’s approach to hands-on or “Manual” methods in order to improve the movement. His techniques focused on the joints, surrounding soft tissues including ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Teaching me about my posture was a big factor.
We all need a good diet, plenty of exercises, drink lots of water, and be aware of your body, it will tell you what it needs.
My body told me it needed Dr. Frye, Matt, and Dan to get me to take control of my own situation and get busy to make a healthier “ME”. I had six treatments, Rehab, exercise and another appointment to re-evaluate.

Thank you, Dr. Frye, Matt, Dan, and the Staff for my eye-opening learning experience.”

– JoAnn H. – A very satisfied patient.

“I am an over 65-year-old runner. A few months ago, on my regular slow run with my friends, it became clear that I could not run even at my usual slow pace. My left leg felt funny. By that evening there was pain every time I bent over and over the next few days I avoided picking up objects dropped on the floor. Then the pain started at night. I could sleep for a couple of hours and then the pain would awaken me and require me to get up and walk and stretch till morning. Needless to say, I was tired, and to be pain-free during the day, I could not sit on a soft chair or in a car. I had pain from my butt, down the outside of my leg, and to my ankle when I presented to the Center for Manual Medicine. Dr. Frye diagnosed radiculopathy–a nerve irritation originating in my lower back–and sent me to Physical Therapy.

The folks in Physical Therapy are wonderful. First, a thorough evaluation was done and then a series of progressively more difficult exercises were prescribed. I faithfully did my part both during my regular sessions and at home. Slowly, sometimes it seemed too slow, I got better. It is now almost 4 months later and I am pain-free and sleeping comfortably through the night. I am once again running with my friends–almost back to my regular schedule.

I want to thank the folks at the Center and especially the friendly, caring, and professionally expert staff in the Physical Therapy section for their help. I continue to perform the series of exercises that they prescribed every day at home and intend to remain pain-free for a long time.”

– Margie R.

“I have been a client of Manual Medicine off and on for many years as needed. On January 29, 2014, I was in a car accident where the driver of the other cart-boned the passenger side rear end of my vehicle. After getting passed the initial shock of being in yet another car accident, I immediately began to feel pain in my left lower back area. I was taken to the hospital by way of an ambulance. I had many x-rays taken of the area in pain. Unfortunately, nothing was showing on the x-rays and it was listed as muscle strain due to whiplash.

I have been in several accidents over a span of some years. The first time I experienced a car accident, I was not aware of Manual Medicine and I went to another company. That was one of the biggest mistakes I could have ever made. When this accident occurred, I immediately contacted Manual Medicine due to the synergy of chiropractic and physical therapy combination used to help the healing and recovery process.

I don’t hesitate to contact Manual Medicine for my healing and recovery. Ragan, Jennifer, Jessica, Nikki, and all of the front desk staff are very sympathetic to my schedule. They always have a kind word to say to me as I walk through the front doors. They take the time to know my name and know me as a person, not just a client. They take time out of their busy schedule to contact me if, I should miss an appointment. They work with me to help reschedule so that I can continue on my path to healing.

The first start of my treatment started with a 10 minute relaxing heated neck brace and massage bed to help ease the pain. Then Jessica would help me up and take me to the exam room. I was always glad that the wait to see the doctor was never long. Dr. Mark Penn was always gentle, kind, and understanding of my pain. His kindness and concern helped to make the chiropractic process tolerable despite the pain level. Dr. Penn made sure that I left out of his exam room with diminishing levels of pain. He was always very careful to explain the reasons behind different areas of pain and the purpose behind each manipulation. Once Dr. Penn and I discovered that the manipulation procedure was not going to be enough to complete the healing process, he assigned me over to the Physical Therapy Department. While going through my physical therapy treatments, if I needed to see Dr. Penn again, he always found time in his schedule.

In this round of physical therapy, I was introduced to Matt Elniff, a man of integrity. Matt immediately started me on my next phase of recovery. Matt was very knowledgeable and respectful to me from the first time we met. He did a thorough exam of the area where my pain continued to generate and set up an immediate plan of action. I set up a schedule to meet with Matt three days out of the week for the first four weeks. Matt had an amazing disposition. He had to reset my pubic bone and then eased me into the beginning stages of my physical therapy. He made sure that I did not do more than my body was able to handle.

Later on, Matt introduced me to the entire physical therapy department. Matt Elniff, Dan Stiers, Tracie Nolan, Paula Cobb, and Michelle Gower. I always enjoyed coming in for my physical therapy whether I worked with Matt, Dan, Susie, Paula, or Michelle. I was able to receive therapy from everyone in the physical therapy department. The conversations were inclusive and friendly. They all understood the importance of me getting back to a fully functioning capacity. They respected me as I experienced difficult personal issues in my life and were very accommodating to my personal issues. They were all made aware of my physical limitations and what it would take to get me well again.

I mainly worked with Matt or Dan depending on their schedules. Dan was able to take over right from where Matt left off with my treatment. Dan had his own way of working with me, but I was still able to end up with the same results. He did it with the same kindness and tenacity as Matt. At times John, the intern from Wichita, Kansas would work with me. This gave him a chance to have a hands-on training experience. John proved to know his field of training.

The equipment used for my recovery was top of the line. They used the Total Gym to help strengthen my legs. The bicycle, the treadmill, and many other unconventional formats strengthen my core. I was shown the proper way to stand, sit, walk, climb stairs, and much more. These methods of therapy helped lessen the pain in my lower back and pubic bones.

Each month I continued in my physical therapy, I noticed small but significant levels of improvement and strength. I would like to thank everyone at Manual Medicine for helping me get back to a normal capacity of life. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone that needs chiropractic or physical therapy to utilize the services of Manual Medicine. Whether it be due to an accident or prescribed by your doctor as a treatment service for your health.”

– Shawnette B.

The Center for Manual Medicine: My Experience

Anyone who is fortunate enough to be provided care by the staff at the Center for Manual Medicine will experience a group of healthcare professionals who not only CARE but will exhaust every type of approach available to restore a patient’s health and QUALITY OF LIFE. The environment itself is “healing.” I once told Dr. Frye that they could charge a small fee just to allow someone like myself to sit in the lobby to feel the blanket of relaxation, calm, and safety inviting one to heal.

After a car accident in 2012 during which I was rear-ended by an inattentive driver who was texting, I experienced whiplash with pain increasing as the weeks went by. I was initially referred to a Physical Therapy practice elsewhere in Topeka where I underwent 20 treatments of various types. Sadly, there was no improvement; the pain actually increased. Treatment could not be continued nor would I have agreed to do so.

I’m not known for ever being willing to give up, so I did some research, found the Center for Manual Medicine and after my first 3 treatments, the pain I had been living with for 5 months was diminished by 50%. More importantly, I discovered a cohesive team of people who really cared about me. Walking in the door for each appointment, I felt like I was a cast member of the old “Cheers” show. Everyone at the desk would beam with exuberant “hellos.” I wasn’t just a “patient”…I was a PERSON, welcomed by everyone. I looked forward to each appointment and renewed my own commitment to the conditioning work I was asked to do outside the office.

Another more serious car accident occurred in 2013. Not only did I immediately return to the CTRMM for care, but the folks there even helped me find a car I could afford on a fixed income, encouraged me through the loss of someone I loved, and ensured I was able to restore my physical strength along with my resilience. I’ve worked extensively with Dr. Doug Frye and Seth Harrison. Manual medicine combined with Seth’s skills as an exercise physiologist par excellence has helped me keep going as a transplant patient with cancer and intestinal failure who lives solely on vascular nutrition and hydration.

Without the team at the Center for Manual Medicine, I would have given up. They have so many unique tools in their “toolbox” above and beyond what I’ve had access to in the past from other physical therapy practices, that I would encourage everyone to use this integrative team of professionals. Everything I’ve needed is available to me under one roof. What a luxury!!!! But, most importantly, I know each person cares about ME as a PERSON. They do not practice reductionist medicine, meaning they aren’t in the “parts” business, but instead see their patients as a WHOLE PERSON. This is refreshing in an era where medicine has become mechanistic and impersonal.

I will forever remain grateful to have found the team at CTRMM. They restored me. How can one offer sufficient thanks for this kind of care?

– Trish P.