The Hands-On Approach To Your Health

These days, everybody is on the go. We know you’re busy but still want the best care, so that’s where the convenience of a multidisciplinary practice comes in. Our stand-alone clinic houses a number of different professionals who effectively communicate with each other and most importantly, with you!

The Multidisciplinary Difference

Enter through our doors at The Center For Manual Medicine and you’ll open up options for non-surgical treatments of musculoskeletal pain, which includes anything from foot pain, arthritis, sciatica, to other aches and discomforts. We’ll dig a little deeper and may find that those pains stem from abnormal movement patterns. In knowing that, there are a few things to consider when moving forward:

  1. Where is the pain coming from and what is its cause?
  2. What can be done to alleviate the pain?
  3. What follow-up steps are taken for long-term care and a healthier body?

Those questions simply can’t be answered by a single doctor or using a single method of treatment. A multi-disciplined practice means you can receive the care of multiple specialists and learn the underlying cause of your pain. They can teach you a variety of techniques to improve movement, and help with creating new ways to live your life — and we’re making all of that happen under one roof!

Our Treatment Advantage

Wondering what kinds of treatment you’ll be receiving? Well, Dr. Penn and Dr. Frye came together to create unique treatment approaches that combine methods of chiropractic, osteopathic, allopathic care (conventional medicine), and rehabilitation. Convenience is key. With all of our specialized doctors in one place, communication between them is a breeze. This way, we can treat your body as a whole and set up a personalized treatment plan just for you.

Many people assume that chiropractic treatments are exclusively for back troubles and pains. While back adjustments are central to this method, they’re not the extent of it! Spinal alignment actually affects the health of the entire body. Simply put, chiropractic techniques bring a variety of health benefits, which move you forward in the treatments laid out by our practice.

Also offered at the Center For Manual Medicine is regenerative orthopedics. This includes the exciting developments of stem cell procedures and PRP, or prolotherapy. Both forms of therapies utilize your own body for healing and are minimally invasive procedures, eliminating the need for major surgeries. These are extremely effective methods for pain caused by injuries, arthritis aches, and other chronic issues requiring tissue and bone healing.

Manual medicine is a fantastic way to take hands-on control of your well-being. It’s not just about finding a cure, it’s about diagnosing the root of the problem and discovering ways to feel better long-term. Interested in learning more? We’d love to chat! We’re looking forward to helping you help yourself.