5 Bad Office Habits that Impact Your Chiropractic Health

Humans today are not nearly as physically active as we once were, and while our societies and technology have changed to fit these sedentary lifestyles, our bodies and muscle systems have not. Although offices are designed to keep us productive, they are also filled with many situations that can leave us feeling stiff and sore as we walk out the door.

Here are 5 major causes of back pain and chiropractic problems in the office.

Sitting for Too Long

Although it makes up the majority of our day, the human body is not designed to sit for extended periods of time. Sitting in a chair for too long can stress your spine, neck, and back muscles. Readers should make sure they take occasional standing or walking breaks throughout the day.

Eating Too Much Junk Food

Eating healthy is a challenge for many Americans, even without the coffees, snacks, and break room donuts you find in most office spaces. These sugary micro meals can lead to inflammation in the body and rob your system of opportunities for ingesting crucial proteins, nutrients, and vitamins.

Looking Down at Your Computer Screen

Looking down at screens has always been a problem for office workers, but with the advent of laptops and mobile phone use for the public, more and more Americans are developing cases of “text neck” and curved upper spines. Avoid this problem by either lowering your chair or raising your monitor up to your eye level.

Cradling Your Phone in Your Neck

Everybody who has ever had a work phone has at some point been guilty of this injury-causing move for the sake of multitasking. Avoid craning your neck in an awkward angle and twisting your muscles by getting a headset that will free up your hands without harming your neck.

Overloading Your Bag

Carrying around a ton of books in case of a pop quiz may have been a good strategy in school, but doing so for long periods of time at the workplace is a recipe for disaster. A good rule of thumb is to never carry more than 20% of your body weight for an extended time–any more than that and you could be looking at serious strains.

Our backs are the meeting places of so many muscle and bone groups, and one wrong stretch during an office meeting can leave us wincing for hours. Make sure your spine and back are in the best shape possible by calling our team of chiropractors today at (785) 271-8100 or visiting us online to make sure you can carry your company to success.